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With the emergence and popularity of smart phones, their functions become more and more perfect, and gradually become more intelligent, your smart phone may know yourself better than you. Today, smartphones are important tools for us, and they are even more important to us in terms of communication, social networking and storage. Smartphones have almost become a part of our body, and our lives cannot be separated from it. It is not only a record of every moment of our lives, but we also store important information, whether it is our personal photos or family photos, or our accounts. Information is almost all stored in our mobile phones. This is because smart phones store information about us, so hackers attacked our phones and attacked our smart phones in order to obtain important information about us.

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The driverless bus uses GPS and sensors to travel at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour on a preset road about 1.5 kilometers north of Stockholm. Currently, vehicles are staffed to ensure the safe operation of vehicles. Experts say that one of the biggest risks of using a driverless car is that it may be hacked because every gadget that uses the Internet is vulnerable to such attacks.