Drone jammers can prevent hazards in the air

The unattended opportunity is punctured, or why every VIP must protect itself from drone attacks. Last Saturday (August 4th) Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro (President Maduro turned his head after the explosion) in the first attack in an airplane drama.

The details are not yet clear, but one thing is clear: Soon after President Maduro spoke in front of thousands of soldiers in Caracas, a drone equipped with an improvised explosive device exploded.

As far as we know, this is the first time a drone has been used to assassinate a VIP. Although this attempt may fail (President Maduro survives), drone jammer carrying bombs should issue a serious warning to the authorities. Protect their VIP.

Since many details are unknown, analyzing Maduro’s assassination attempt is problematic, but as far as we know, we can say:

1) Drones or drones (probably drones) can approach the president without anyone providing information about whether there are drones or even hostile drones in the area.

2) Since the explosion, the drone has successfully transported an improvised explosive device. The size, weight and effectiveness of the improvised explosive device are not yet known, but it was successfully detonated. One can only imagine what would happen if these drones exploded next to the president.

The drone solution has been officially commissioned here. For two and a half years, jammershop has been providing anti-drone systems (manufactured by perfectjammer). The system has two operational advantages:

1) UAV detection: The most important thing is that the system can provide knowledge about aerial UAVs or actually valuable information. Now, with more advanced information, we can decide how to deal with this information. Called “Action Intelligence”.

2) The test is conducted in three different disciplines:

One kind. Radio Frequency-Detect the radio frequency signal of drones up to 3 or 4 kilometers away.

b. Radar Doppler pulse radar can detect 3 to 3.5 kilometers.

With the use of thermal imaging camera for visual/optical inspection, low light can reach 2 km.

3) UAV interference countermeasures.

Perfectjammer has been developing anti-drone solutions for 4.5 years and providing the system for 2.5 years, bringing real “on the ground” experience to the company.