Cell phone jammers can prevent people in the cockpit from making calls

Can I stop the driver from calling? A new type of jammer made by Indian engineers can turn off the driver’s phone while the driver continues to talk or send text messages, allowing the driver to make a decision. According to Smithsonian, the system uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to determine if the driver is trying to use a mobile phone in a moving car. This triggers a jammer to shut down the driver’s phone, which is more effective than a smartphone application that needs to be installed on the criminal’s phone. It is not clear whether the US system can have similar capabilities, or whether the US system has been sufficiently strengthened to deal with the blockade. Although Hodges commented on US capabilities in Eastern Europe against Russia, the US military told C4ISRNET that it could not comment on its visit to Ukraine in western Ukraine. understand situation.

Sometimes, if they do not arrive on time, we have to wait a long time. But now, we only send text messages or dial his mobile number. The problem is solved very simply. At that time, the Internet was not used much, so we paid close attention to the classroom. We couldn’t find much information after school. Therefore, our knowledge only comes from manuals or tests. Today, students can search for information on the Internet. You can also download the required information. Although many students do not want to participate in the course,

Therefore, the school is worried about this problem. They decided to install a mobile phone handheld jammer to prevent this from happening. I agree with this idea because university is one of the most important periods in our lives. So far, we have learned a lot of knowledge and information. This period may also be a turning point in our lives. If we study hard and can enter a famous university, your life will change. At that time, many celebrities were studying hard. I still remember that when I was in university, I was very interested in learning geography and English. I spent a lot of time on these two issues. After graduating from high school, I studied English at the university. Then I look for work related to English. Maybe my whole life depends on English. I think schools should install this product. Can they turn off the machine after school? Most importantly, the product should not affect the lives of others.