GPS jammers can prevent location sharing

Hello everyone! Can someone tell me that this Bluetooth SIG is indeed capable of using certain technologies to track the location of many devices? Although Broadcom invented a new GNSS chip, the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) developed this new global navigation satellite system profile specifically for GPS data sharing. All devices with Bluetooth 2.0 and higher support can use this profile to easily share GPS positioning data with other nearby jammer devices through nearby Bluetooth connections. What can it bring us? Let us consider together.

First, all Bluetooth-enabled devices can discover your location via Bluetooth, which improves indoor tracking. Second, in the future, it can make handheld devices completely forget to use GPS for location tracking. The third is probably the most interesting thing. You will see that the working radius of Bluetooth is only a few meters. Imagine a situation where there is a GPS-enabled device in a room, while other devices do not have GPS tracking capabilities. Still everyone has Bluetooth embedded. They will share the GPS data of the device so that the evil person will find that all these devices are currently in a room, not just GPS-enabled devices. This is some kind of reverse sharing, did you know?

Therefore, the answer to your question is: Yes, obviously. But you are not helpless in this situation. gps jammer can prevent Bluetooth SIG GNSS profiles from GPS sharing, thereby preventing your Bluetooth device from sharing data with other devices in the room and being discovered in this way.