WiFi and Bluetooth jammers to block the signal of the tracking chip

Hello everyone! I have read that Broadcom will make its new GPS tracking chip in the near future, so I am curious-it will find the location more accurately and how to avoid using it in the case of such a need? Broadcom recently announced its new GNSS location tracking chip, called BCM4752. Its size is small enough to fit any type of smart phone or other mobile devices, even twice smaller than other similar chips. It also improves the working speed when it comes to signal transmission and reception, and it has four satellite navigation constellation projects-GPS, GLONASS, QZSS (made in Japan) and SBAS (QZSS and SBAS both use the same frequency, GPS L1, L2 And L5 band).

In addition, the Broadcom BCM4752 chip has also been adjusted for indoor location tracking. In order to do this work correctly, it uses wireless WiFi and Bluetooth connections, and even NFC communication. All these frequency bands as well as GPS and other satellite navigation systems will make this tracking chip an absolute new player in the satellite tracking market. By the way, Broadcom may have begun shipping to mobile device manufacturers.

So, do you want to know how to get rid of this powerful tracking? It will not be as easy as you want, but it is possible. You can combine gps jammer, WiFi and Bluetooth jammer to block the signal of Broadcom BCM4752 tracking chip, and also need to jam NFC signal. Only if all these wireless signals are blocked can you safely perform this cunning tracking.