GPS jammer is called a universal treasure box

The car repair master can quickly complete the daily operations of on-site maintenance and assembly without any tools on hand. Because it is not limited to a narrow and modest environment, it can operate independently with less manpower. The use of gps jammer in cars is called a universal treasure box by many car owners. It seems that as long as there is a car jammer during maintenance, any potential problems are not a problem. This is also a problem we found in practice, and summed up some practical experience for car captains with car key decoders. In fact, for car maintenance, this is also a long-term accumulation process, and there are many problems encountered, and it will be able to deal with the problem of car key decoders. Speaking of cars, this is what we are now familiar with. If the car is a luxury for us, then the car is now a necessity for us. We can see cars driving on the street. The popularity of cars has brought many surprises and fun to our lives. Now our travel is no longer our nightmare.

On September 1, the day after Henan’s key radio management work and the deployment of 19 radio safety mobilizations, Luoyang Radio Administration received an urgent complaint from the northern suburbs of Luoyang, saying that its GPS was severely interfered. And directly affect the normal flight of the aircraft. In order to ensure the safety of aviation radio safety and create a stable and safe production environment for the party’s nineteenth victory, Luoyang Radio Bureau made a decisive decision to promptly organize key technical and law enforcement personnel to set up a working group and rush to the airport to understand the situation. And preliminarily determine the overall direction by monitoring the monitoring and direction of the master station. The working group will monitor the vehicle to the scene of the accident. It was able to find the exact location of the interferon source through multi-point surveillance and cross positioning, and found two working GPS signal interference shields in a warehouse near the airport.