Mobile phone jammers transmit low-power radio signals

Although Mexico does not have a device-specific law, it is illegal to use cell phone jammer in private in the United States and most Western countries. But the tide is changing. Japan allows the installation of jammers in public places such as theaters and concert halls, but requires a license issued by the government. Last week, the French Minister of Industry approved the decision to build cinemas, concert halls and theaters, but only if precautions must be taken to allow emergency calls. Canada has considered allowing blockades under similar circumstances. Industry Canada, which oversees Telecom Canada, objected to this, saying that these devices could disrupt communications with law enforcement and security agencies, thereby violating personal freedom and harming public safety.

Netline officials sold the first cell phone jammer in 1998. They said they sold thousands of cell phone jammers every year and expanded their business to all over the world. They are far from the only manufacturers. These devices are sold all over the world, and dozens of suppliers sell them on the Internet. Tokyo-based Medic Inc. sold thousands of Wave Wall jammers before the government stepped in and regulated the use of live performance venues. Commuters are still buying mobile jammers to silence the talking train passengers, even if their use is illegal.

Are you worried about using cell phone jammers? Mobile jammers will not block the frequency used by emergency personnel! Are you considering using cell phone jammers in buildings or offices? If so, you might be curious about how they actually work and how they affect your phone. If you use a mobile phone jammer, lower power radio signals will be sent. This signal may interrupt the communication between the mobile phone and its cellular base station. In this case, all phones will display “No Service” in the affected area, and incoming calls will be blocked. It appears to the caller that the phone is turned off.

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