Mobile jammers can gain control of the classroom

A recent report on the new phenomenon of “cyber bullying” was published, in which students would electronically torture others through text messages and social networks when attending lectures. This shows another reason why teachers should pay attention to the use of mobile phones in the classroom, and why many people choose to use mobile cell phone jammer to regain control in the classroom.

According to British media reports, on May 3, Nissan introduced a dedicated signal shielding storage box to deal with driver distraction. It is expected that the weapon will be used in future models, which will greatly reduce the interference caused by mobile phones. This weapon, which Nissan calls a “cell phone signal jammer”, was first shown on the Nissan Juke Small Crossover. Place a “Faraday cage” next to the armrest compartment of the car seat, which can completely block all mobile phones from receiving signals, Bluetooth and WLAN. If the driver puts the mobile phone in this compartment, the driver will not be able to receive any signals, thereby eliminating the safety hazards caused by using the mobile phone while driving.

Of course, to achieve the same effect, the owner can simply turn off the phone. But Nissan said that the original design of the cell phone jammer was to provide the driver with a choice without having to turn off the phone while driving. The RAC data provides strong support for Nissan’s approach. Data show that the number of drivers who use mobile phones while driving has increased from 8% in 2014 to 31% last year. Interference from mobile phones while driving is no longer limited to sending and receiving text messages or answering calls.