Install cell phone jammers in prisons

Interference caused by unauthorized signal transmission is generally prohibited. In Germany, the request is usually made by the data subject and determined by the Federal Network Agency (Federal Network Agency), the successor of the old radio handset cell phone jammer suppression service. Polluters are required to comply with legal limits or charging standards, otherwise the source of interference will be confiscated. If necessary, other legal steps similar to prosecuting black labels can be taken. In this controversial form of “transmitter interference”, powerful local legal radio transmitters or television transmitters are usually used to cover and interfere with weaker remote transmitters on the same or adjacent frequencies. If the receiver cannot correctly receive the required remote transmitter due to technical conditions (such as lack of selectivity or uncontrollable local transmitter), this form of “transmitter interference” will only occur in the live receiver. Real interference.

Mobile jammers will be installed in the four prisons in Raipur, Bilaspur, Jagdapur and Ambikapur, except for Kank District Prison, Katgra Town Prison in Koba District and the most severely affected in the country prison. Launched a rebellion to attack the most difficult area of ​​Dantawada. In December 2007, a group of Maoists lived in Dantewada prison, 380 kilometers away from Raipur, and successfully planned an escape using mobile phones. About 300 prisoners managed to escape, including about 100 left-wing rebels. Later, the state government decided to use cell phone jammers equipped with cell phones in prisons of Maoist guerrillas and terrorist criminals. The saboteurs will also help prison authorities to curb organized crime and extortion services, which are carried out in prisons by hardcore criminals using mobile phones.