Can the global navigation system be interrupted by a mobile phone jammer?

In the early days of aviation, there were no global navigation systems or cell phone jammer. The pilot will use the route map to navigate during the day and follow the campfire or searchlight after dark. By the Second World War, radio beacons had become commonplace. Beginning in the late 1940s, ground stations began broadcasting all-round VHF signals that the aircraft could lock onto, and short-range systems showed safe landslides to help pilots land. At its peak in 2000, there were thousands of very high frequency (VHF) navigation stations in the United States. However, in areas with large station space, pilots are forced to follow a zigzag route from one station to another.

The departmental judge, composed of Chief Justice JN Bhatt and Judge RN Prasad, asked the state government to provide a report on central funding for prison reform to reduce overcrowding and improve civic facilities. The workbench also instructs the state government to inform the state government of the installation steps. The phone jammers in Bill and other prisons, especially since the chief secretary pledged to do so as soon as possible. The court is hearing a public interest lawsuit by a non-governmental organization “Committee for the Protection of Public Rights and Welfare,” which emphasized the deflation of space in prisons and slums, and asked the court to instruct the state government to take necessary measures. The petitioner’s lawyer MP Gupta told the court that the Prison Reform Center had approved an allocation of 670 million rupees in accordance with the recommendations of the 11th Finance Committee in 2000-05 to build more dormitories and new buildings to reduce overcrowding. Never used it. Prisons in Bihar are overcrowded, three to four times as large as prisons for prisoners, and they have always been the source of prison turmoil.