Mobile jammers are the last remedy

The problem with the check situation is known. In the case of inspection, the use of unauthorized auxiliary tools (such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, portable devices, etc.) is considered deception. Over a period of time, more and more remedial measures can be observed using the mobile cell phone jammer on the listener’s side. The services provided now range from pure “mobile phone indicators” to active jammers and smart IMSI capture devices, which can be replaced with new GSM units and personal data stored in the wireless network area.

The Delhi High Court said on Tuesday that despite the strict prohibition on mobile phones, the installation of mobile jammers and closed-circuit televisions, the widespread use of mobile phones by inmates in Tihar prison is shocking. The new Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Judge MB Lokur ordered the prison authorities to confiscate all phones within three days. The news comes from a report submitted by Chief Justice and Sheriff Kaveri Baweja in Delhi, who conducted an investigation after the complaint. Last year, at least 9 mobile phones and 11 SIM cards were found in Tihar prison. The judge said: “As we all know, in some cases, criminals or interrogations are conducted internally to incite and aggravate criminal behavior.” They contacted the members via mobile phones.