Cell phone jammers prevent leaks

Shandong Province has recently cracked a new type of case. After a period of investigation and evidence collection, the Provincial Insurance Regulatory Bureau imposed a fine of nearly one million on the involved Yingdataihe Property Insurance Co., Ltd. The amount is huge and shocking. Mobile jammers played a vital role in this investigation and evidence collection.

Look at another case. Not long ago, the Liangye Mountain Tourism Route Development Program Bidding Meeting held by the Haiwei Hotel went on smoothly and orderly, and the Zhongruigu Road Tour Company bid successfully. No one has noticed a square black box in the concave groove of the conference table. This box has the function of shielding recording bugs. Within a remote control range of 10 meters, random sound wave signals are emitted to interfere with voice signals. If the other party wants to obtain information, only noise information is received, which ensures the safety of voice information and makes voice communication more secure and comfortable. It seems that mobile cell phone jammer can save people’s voice leaks, ensure the secrecy of important conversations, and avoid huge losses.