Mobile jammers improve prison management

In May of this year, a prisoner in a prison in Yunnan Province escaped from the prison. After eight days and nine nights of bloody battles, the armed police officers and soldiers finally arrested the prisoner. Nowadays, it is very common for inmates in prisons to use mobile phones. Some prisoners obtain mobile phones illegally, and then organize various activities in the prison, and even organize gangs to escape. If there is a cell phone jammer that can detect the cell phone communication of prison inmates and locate their location, can it eliminate the local harassment of public social order?

At present, there are domestic supervision methods for detecting illegal mobile phones in prisons. New high-end technologies are used to detect illegal mobile phones that appear in the prison supervision area. If the illegal mobile phones appearing in the supervision domain are in standby mode, the illegal mobile phone jammer The system can detect these illegal mobile phones within a short period of time, and find the location of these mobile phones, which can be accurate to a range of 1 meter to a large extent. This not only enhances the security measures of the prison but also improves the management level of the prison.