Mobile jammers are used in the examination room for fairness

During the exam, in order to be more fair and just, mobile jammers are used in many places, but in the process, some people may think that they have affected themselves, at least you can’t do some small actions in the process, so In fact, it is a very important method. No matter what you do, there is a certain degree of discipline. If you destroy these disciplines in the process, it will be very unfavorable to you. So I hope you can better pay attention to the aspect of blocking signals in the exam.

Everyone in the examination process, we must learn to abide by discipline, these are very important for everyone. What to do if the test shields the signal? This is to make everything more fair and just. If you can’t pay more attention to the issue of blocking signals in the exam, then it will have a certain impact on yourself, so the process everyone is doing China needs to actively learn more. Learning to better abide by the discipline of the examination room is important for all of us. When you can do it, you will be more secure for yourself, so I hope you can better understand it.

In fact, some people want to cheat during the exam, so they pay attention to the exam. The method of using a mobile cell phone jammer to block the signal is actually very good for all of us. Any exam can truly adhere to the principle of fairness, justice and formality, so that more people can be given opportunities. Really achieve fairness and justice, so the whole process can bring us more. These are very important things for everyone.