WiFi jammer blocks WiFi signals

Signal jammers are divided into industrial grade (7*24 hours long-term power-on) and commercial grade (3-5 hours power-on). In some places, the shielding device needs to be energized for a long time 7*24 hours. If you buy a cheap one, you think that if you use it, the merchant will give you a commercial grade as an industrial grade. If used for more than half a year, it will break. Then you will find the manufacturer to fix it. If you buy from the manufacturer, you will not be charged for repairs, but you will also be responsible for the cost of express delivery to the manufacturer. If you want to change to another store at this time, you will feel that you have just bought it, and it is troublesome and wasteful to maintain it all the time. Is it annoying and want to curse? So’ it’s best to buy it right from the beginning. This is the same as buying a mobile phone. Cheap mobile phones either have low configuration or fail in half a year. It is best to buy a good one.

Although wireless networks make it easier for people to access the Internet, the problems it brings cannot be ignored. This is not only a problem of accessing the network, but also a problem of network security. In order to maintain a good network environment, many places have begun to install this desktop wifi jammer to protect the network security in some places and prevent excessive use of the network. This equipment has been widely used in various countries and regions in the world, and is a typical representative of schools, prisons, libraries, reading rooms and gas stations. It is necessary to use a Wifi jammer. On the one hand, the security of the network can be guaranteed. On the other hand, it can also control how long children use the Internet. Don’t indulge in the virtual world. It is very serious to hurt them physically and mentally. In addition, the radiation of the wifi transmitter will affect people’s health and is not suitable for long-term use. You can turn on the wifi jammer to shield the wifi signal.