The mobile phone jammer fundamentally solves the signal problem

Don’t be nervous, there is no big problem with your phone, on the contrary, there is something missing in your pocket. In fact, “HD” is the abbreviation of High Definition, which means high definition. The mobile phone signal jammer means that your mobile phone has turned on the VOLTE function. Simply put, after this service is activated, the mobile cell phone jammer can support the CS network of the telephone service and the PS network of the Internet. We can make the call clearer and the sound quality higher. According to relevant statistics, after opening this service, the voice quality of the call is about 40% higher than that of 2G and 3G voice calls.

More and more places have poor cell phone signals. An important reason is that the floors are getting higher and higher. The concrete block prevents the signal from passing, causing a signal blind zone. There is also the current 4G, 5G is high frequency, high frequency penetration is relatively poor, or too far away from the base station, the signal cannot be transmitted. Now is the Internet age, everything depends on the mobile phone. If the phone call is not smooth, it will cause us a lot of inconvenience. So what can we do to solve this problem? The mobile phone jammer solves the problem of weak signal of our mobile phone very well.