The influence of the surrounding environment leads to poor network signal

Nowadays, the Internet is flooding all corners of our lives. Shopping, office, eating, riding, etc. are almost inseparable from the Internet, 4G signals are not satisfied, web information cannot be displayed, watching videos, sending text messages, playing games, etc. Frame dropping has also become a daily annoyance. Although the 4G network has been widely covered, I don’t know if you still feel this way. When using 4G at home, the signal is still very stuck and slow. Sometimes even 2G jumps to no service, which is just a malfunction. If the signal at home is weak and the outdoor signal is slightly better, it means that it is caused by the surrounding building environment, and environmental factors cause the signal to be poor. This problem can still be solved, but sometimes there is no network at all. I suspect that a mobile cell phone jammer is blocking the signal.

With the deployment of the test spectrum of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, operators and the industry chain have obtained a clear development direction. In the future, they will work hard to complete relevant tests and commercial preparations, and urge operators to quickly deploy 5G commercial products. China is entering the era of 5G communications. At the same time, the 5G upgrade internally promotes the iteration of the communications industry, and a large number of investment opportunities have emerged. Chinese manufacturers account for 43%, 45%, and 28% of the global share in wireless, optical communications, and digital communications, respectively, constituting the core part of industrial development. With the breakthrough opportunities brought by 5G, the world’s largest mobile Internet market, and the cooperation between Chinese manufacturers and leading mobile phone jammer system equipment, Chinese companies are expected to catch up in the 5G era through breakthroughs and innovations.