A large number of mobile phone jammers will have a serious impact on the country

Although the United States and the United Kingdom are concerned about this situation. However, the Portuguese have signed a technology contract with Huawei. While celebrating the world’s leading 5G network, they do not think that their communications may be monitored by Huawei. While China is stepping up 5G ambitions and trade wars, in Trump’s view, promoting fairer economic treatment is to gain time and space, and to find a way forward in telecommunications competition. You can also take a look. After all, 5G is obviously more important than in the past. China’s 5G dominance will have a devastating impact on the United States and European countries. Maybe the United States no longer has secure communications. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on July 9, the Russian National Defense Industry Complex stated that Russia is making a new type of mobile cell phone jammer that can handle military satellites.

Mobile phone jammers work similarly to jammers because they emit the same radio frequency as mobile phones. This will cause enough interference and you will not be able to connect the call to your phone. Currently, there are two types of cell phone jammers available. The first type is usually a small device that can block the signal from a cell phone tower to a single cell phone. The blocking frequency is 800MHz to 1900MHz. Most devices using this technology can block signals within a 30-foot radius. Mobile phones in this area do not display signals at all. Now you can politely ask them to leave quietly, or you can buy a cell phone jammer to leave them alone.