Mobile jammers conflict with most electronic devices

More than 80% of junior high school students have mobile phones. Most students said that the main function of buying a mobile phone is to communicate with their parents. However, in actual use, contact with parents is only a small part of it. Most students use mobile phones to socialize, take photos, and play games. “Many students with weak self-control can play games, send text messages, or even call the teacher’s classroom discipline when they find the course content is boring, which affects the quality. In the dormitory, other students want to “take a break. The phone screen is on, they are talking, and their roommates can’t sleep. “The school teacher told reporters. The mobile cell phone jammer said that China’s Pentagon regards this electronic warfare as a “force multiplier” and “it is likely to use it to support all combat weapons and services in the conflict.” “It is consistent with the report of the US Department of Defense this year.

There are many mobile phone jammers and general mobile phone jammers, including the smallest mobile phone jammer in the world. A cell phone jammer is also hidden in the photo. The characteristic of this powerful GPS, mobile phone and 3G signal jammer is that it is very powerful, with multiple antennas, and can provide a true working radius of 20 meters. This high-power GPS, cellular and 3G signal jammer is small and portable, and can shield GPS signals, 3G signals and mobile phones (GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS). Its interference radius is 20 meters, and its shielding area is four times that of other mobile phone jammers posted on