Mobile phone jammer, can realize this kind of artificial wireless mute

A recent story in Israel is about 22 private detectives who were arrested for using a large number of Trojan horses to eavesdrop on mobile phones. According to reports, the latest design cost of this Trojan called SpyPhone ranges from US$1500 to US$2500, depending on the phone model. Its function is different from listening to the recording of conversations in the external space around the phone through a microphone. This technology is applicable to many mobile phone models, from the very old Nokia 5500 to the modern iPhone. Although the capabilities of Trojan horses vary from cell phone to cell phone, the attack vector appears to be human and public engineering. It is also said that automated attacks were often exploited by application software vulnerabilities in the past, but some are rumors. However, this does not seem to be the case here. The method of infection is different from someone calling for a few minutes, checking the text message and obtaining the download link, and then downloading. There are other methods, such as SMS and MMS, where you can click on links created by users. In order to prevent this from happening again on your phone, please carefully check the messages you receive, open links, and use a cell phone jammer to ensure that thieves cannot steal your conversations and record them for illegal use.

In these perfect environments, the most difficult thing to hear is the sound of the mobile phone. You feel completely relieved because there is nothing to check. The only thing you can check is that your phone is still not working properly. Yes, you know that there are already a lot of e-mails waiting for you, but there is nothing you can do now. But on the sixth day of the trip, I completely forgot the smallest reminder from the outside world. The only thing that bothers me is the beautiful scenery and the people who talk to me. Is this the real way to experience a truly amazing adventure, what do you think? This may be the only correct way to get rid of all this and forget all the little things we used to worry about together. But then civilization recovered again, and just as we drifted closer to South America, the phone ringing suddenly appeared. The world just said hello to you. However, there are many other interesting places and continents to visit, not only Antarctica can provide you with many different things to discover and fascinate. During any trip, you can create the atmosphere of isolation that I experienced in Antarctica. By using a mobile phone jammer, this artificial wireless mute can be achieved, allowing you to have the best time to enjoy and fully enjoy your travel.