Can a cell phone jammer interrupt emergency services?

After many years of owning a mobile phone with a GPS system, the concept of not having it seems abnormal. Although the use of smartphones has grown very rapidly, there are still many people who have paper maps and impressive visual memories. But until 2018, all these leaders will install car GPS on their phones, whether they like it or not. The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that all telephone service providers (including VOiP services) should only provide GPS-equipped devices before 2018 to better locate the place where the call has been made. According to the court news agency, the deadline for applications for mobile phones not equipped with GPS is not yet known. Making a 911 call from a mobile phone without GPS requires the operator to use a cell tower to triangulate the caller’s location, which is not as effective as the mobile phone’s GPS, which transmits the location information directly to emergency services, and may be interfered by the mobile phone in the middle. Interrupted.

Nowadays, modern technology continues to change our lives, so it is very important to understand some of the latest inventions in this field. Among them, remote control mobile cell phone jammer are really great. Unlike other devices, they are easy to find. In addition, you will have the opportunity to buy them at a very low price. In addition, remote jammers work in a very interesting way that is different from other devices. A remote control interference can send frequencies to interfere with the infrared receiver of the remote control, so the remote control will stop working. In most cases, the circuit is set to a 433 MHz signal, because most remote controls operate on this frequency. Therefore, if you have determined that you want to obtain such interfering devices, first make sure to select suitable devices that support at least such frequencies.