Many colleges and universities began to install mobile phone jammers

Regarding the shielding of wireless signals in a prison or supervision area, whether it is the method of using low-power mobile phone jammers to deploy cellular points, or the scheme of using high-power mobile cell phone jammer as the main and low-power jammers to supplement the blind areas, the entire prison area is covered. Several mobile phone signal shielding points will be installed. For these shielding points, it is not that the project is successfully completed if the shielding effect is achieved after the boot test is installed. How to ensure these several mobile phone signal jammer points in the future Normal and stable operation is the key to the entire mobile phone signal shielding project!

For major but temporary occasions such as college entrance examinations, postgraduate exams, and CET-4 and CET-6 English exams, since it only takes a few days, for convenience and flexibility, there is no need to install a mobile phone signal jammer. As long as the shielding device is brought to the test room and plugged in before the test starts. In this case, most of the cell phone jammers are placed near the blackboard podium in front of the classroom, and they can be placed directly on the podium under the blackboard—there are usually power jacks for easy access to electricity. For example, there are many universities in Xi’an, such as Shaanxi Normal University, Northwest University, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Eurasian College, etc., they buy or rent mobile phone signals from Xi’an Kaining Electronics for the fourth and sixth grades and postgraduate exams. After the jammer, it is placed directly on the podium in the examination room.