GPS jammer can prevent stolen vehicles

GPS jammer, which produces interference on the frequency of the mobile operator. Operators work on different frequencies, depending on the mode (3G, 4G) and standard (GSM, DAMPS, CDMA). Therefore, several antennas are installed on the blocking device to close all ranges, and these antennas work separately. It is suitable for all frequency bands, such as mobile operators and satellite signals. It has multiple antennas to generate interference in the selected range. It also often provides the possibility of selective operation, that is, the ability to generate noise only on selected frequencies (for example only within the range of the cellular communication standard GSM 1800). I have to say that gps jammer also have disadvantages for the people who use them. The signal jammer can only be turned on temporarily and cannot be turned on forever. As long as he turns off the GPS jammer, the GPS locator will have a signal again. , The owner can quickly find the stolen vehicle based on the location information.

In addition to GPS signal jammers, some people may say that they will use signal detectors to find out and destroy GPS locators. Yes, this is also true, but this is only useful for some GPS devices. If the GPS locator is in a dormant state most of the time, the signal detector will not be able to detect it! For example, some ultra-long standby GPS locators only wake up once a day. After waking up, they immediately return the positioning information of the car to the owner’s mobile phone platform and then enter the dormant state. In the dormant state, it has no signal. It is absolutely impossible for a car thief to detect it! In addition, it is wireless installation-free, and there is no wiring on the surface of the device. It can be placed anywhere in the car (as long as it is not placed in a place where the signal is blocked), which is very concealed and safe.