WiFi jammers can prevent fraud

Many movie theaters have introduced such equipment. I installed and used it. There is no unpleasant situation to the human body in these areas. We will study it as one of the important issues related to electromagnetic waves in the future. There are many kinds of “electromagnetic waves”. As long as you use a wifi jammer, you will definitely be affected by electromagnetic waves. There is a theory that ordinary electrical appliances emit only a very small amount of electromagnetic waves and will not affect the human body. High-intensity microwaves generate heat just like microwave ovens, which can affect living organisms. In Europe and America, the legislation of human body electromagnetic wave protection standards and the standardization of electromagnetic wave measurement methods are steadily advancing. In order to use radio waves safely and reliably in our daily lives, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has established a standard value of radio wave intensity based on the results of domestic and foreign research over the past few decades, and is governed by the Radio Law. Do. Specifically, in places where the intensity of radio waves emitted by mobile phone base stations and radio stations exceeds the standards of the radio wave protection guidelines, fences will be set up to prevent ordinary people from entering.

Smartphones may emit radiation. It may affect the operation of devices such as pacemakers. You may make the wrong diagnosis. Mobile phone criminals can commit illegal acts in prison. Use a wifi jammer in such a place. You can disable the phone signal. It is the perfect tool to eliminate danger. It can be installed in a larger location to prevent problems. This will be a great help. You can be safe. With this high-quality jammer, you can block all phone signals within a certain radius. The antenna is designed separately for each carrier. There is an exercise to prevent inconvenience. It has stylish design, good performance and low price. Try to suppress communication functions such as mobile phones within a certain range. The interfering device displays mobile phones and PHS outside the service area. Blocking radio waves can ensure business execution. We provide a safe environment for our customers. It is also used as a fraud prevention measure.