Cell phone jammers make you feel better

The power adapter should be more than 20cm away from the host; (If the mobile cell phone jammer is installed, due to the limitation of the on-site installation environment, the power adapter will still be interfered by the strong magnetic field of the main body of the mobile phone jammer, but it will be different from the power adapter near the main body. It will receive less interference than that.) There are no strong wires within 20cm of the antenna. AC220V); (including the strong electric dark wires buried on the left and right sides of the antenna, above the antenna, and the wall where the antenna is located, etc.,
Sometimes we don’t want to talk to anyone, but the annoying person always calls you.

Therefore, your boss may call you on weekends and ask you questions that will affect your mood throughout the day. If you don’t want to listen to the phone, just turn on the phone jammer. No one will bother you. If you don’t want to be tracked, you must buy a cell phone jammer for your personal life and conversations. More importantly, GPS smoke can also protect your private conversations from eavesdropping. If you have never used atomizers before, know that they are easy to use and easy to use. If you want to carry cigarettes with you, portable cigarettes are your best choice.