Cell phone jammers paralyze cell phones

Mobile phone signal jammers that were originally used in examination rooms to prevent candidates from cheating or used to interfere with signals in movie theaters are now used in the stores of second-hand housing intermediary companies.

A reporter’s recent investigation in the market found that since the announcement of the second round of the new regulation and control policy at the end of last month, mobile cell phone jammer have been regarded as important equipment to prevent customers from being “pryed” by peers when signing contracts. It has become the “must have” office supplies for second-hand housing intermediaries. This shows that in the light market, the competition between intermediary companies for customers has become fierce.

After discovering that mobile phone jammers have become a must-have New Deal, buy them in bulk

“It used to be that each store decides whether to install a mobile phone signal jammer based on the market conditions of other intermediary companies in the surrounding area. Now it is the company’s unified regulation that customers must turn on the signal jammer when signing a contract.” A large intermediary company with more than 100 stores The relevant person in charge of the marketing department recently revealed to reporters that his company has just purchased more than 30 mobile phone jammers in batches to ensure that the machine is one in each store.

In addition to this company, the reporter found that intermediary companies large and small in Beijing have almost universally popularized mobile phone signal jammers. This secret weapon has even become a necessary office supply like phones and computers.

“Whoever does not turn on the mobile phone jammer, leading to other companies prying customers away, the company will have to severely fine!” a regional manager of an intermediary company told reporters.

After searching on Taobao, the reporter found that the price of mobile phone signal jammers ranges from two to three hundred to five to six hundred according to the power.

In the past four days, 15 mobile jammers were sold, and the owner of the store told reporters that the buyer Bacheng was a real estate agency.

A customer service staff of a mobile jammer manufacturer who did not want to be named told reporters that the large real estate agency companies in Beijing are all customers of the manufacturer, and the recent shipment volume has increased by as much as 40%.

Experience the mobile phone jammer, the mobile phone is immediately paralyzed

What does a mobile phone signal jammer look like? How obvious is the effect? Yesterday noon, the reporter had a real experience in an intermediary company located near Jinsong.

“Look, that’s it.” The salesman crouched down and took out a black box the size of a TV set-top box under his desk, with four antennas on it. When buyers and sellers enter the company and prepare to sign, the black box will be energized and turned on.

The reporter found after the experience that after the mobile phone jammer was turned on, there was no mobile phone signal. After the reporter held the mobile phone and turned it around in a room of more than 30 square meters, the mobile phone was still in a paralyzed state.

“Some companies are in the office area, and some are in the contract room. Customers generally won’t find it. Even if they see it, they don’t know what it is.” The salesperson told reporters that once the customer came, mobile phone signals would interfere When the device is turned on, even the salesman wants to call the mobile phone and gets the signal from outside the door.