GPS jammer steals vehicles and money

Xu, now 21, is a new farmer. One day in 2010, he found out that gps jammer were sold on the Internet, and he had evil thoughts. Subsequently, Xu spent hundreds of yuan to buy a GPS jammer through the Internet.

The Xinmi City Procuratorate found that at 10 o’clock on June 21, 2010, Xu brought a GPS jammer to the entrance of a bathhouse in Xinmi City and found that the driver Li was locking the car. He used the car jammer to intercept the remote control lock code. Make Lee unlock the door of the Toyota off-road vehicle. After confirming that Li had gone away, Xu stole the 38,000 yuan in cash that the owner had put in the Toyota off-road vehicle. On August 21, Xu was arrested.

Yesterday, after the Xinmi City Procuratorate filed a public prosecution, Xu was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months imprisonment for theft by the Xinmi City Court and a fine of 18,000 yuan. After the incident, Xu confessed that since he got the GPS jammer, he had been waiting for opportunities to steal mid-to-high-end cars in some large supermarkets, bath gates, shopping malls, and schools in Xinmi, where there are many parking lots. The most common choice for theft is Toyota series cars.

When choosing targets for crimes, he often picks private car owners who are in a hurry and carelessly. Those who do not pay attention to the surrounding situation when locking the car, and like to lock the car with a “chic one” at a distance are the target group.

Xu said that when he commits crimes, he usually chooses noon time, because there are few passers-by at noon and parking lot security is often neglected. When committing crimes at the school gate, he will choose the afternoon when school is over, when the parents who pick up their children are not vigilant. High, coupled with the chaotic order at the school entrance, it is easier to succeed.

Xu confessed that he had stolen cash of 2,500 yuan in a black off-road vehicle, 4,200 yuan in cash in a Toyota series white car, and 9,500 in cash in a silver-gray off-road vehicle near the entrance of a public bath in a supermarket in Xinmi. Yuan.

However, what the investigators did not expect was that during the verification, the police in the jurisdiction did not receive any relevant reports. Although the Xinmi City police conducted multiple searches, none of the victims were found, making it difficult to verify the other three stolen facts. The police hope that the victim will report to the police in time after seeing the report.

The prosecutor handling the case of the Xinmi City Procuratorate said that in handling some theft cases, they found that many citizens did not report the crime because of the small amount of property. He reminded citizens that they must report the incident in time after the stolen items. If the crime is not reported, the suspect will be allowed to escape due punishment.