Several small methods to extend the use of mobile phone jammers

With the development of mobile communications, GPS, and drones, more and more people are using it, so many of us have no secrets and even threaten our own safety. The most common ones are mobile phone monitoring and GPS tracking. And drone tracking and capturing happen almost every day, and most of the market is used for home security, military defense, etc., then we need to know how to maintain it and make it better. It’s getting better and better for us. This is a problem with notes.

1. When the mobile cell phone jammer is not in use, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid prolonged exposure to salt spray and harmful gases.

2. When the mobile phone signal jammer is working, no other items should be placed on the product, and the antenna should not be disassembled at will, which may easily affect the operation of the product and damage the host.

3. Before using the mobile phone signal jammer, you should install the corresponding antenna to the corresponding frequency, so that the jammer can work normally and meet your frequency requirements.

4. When using a mobile phone signal jammer, if you are indoors, keep it away from high temperature and humidity. If the jammer is outdoors, it should be waterproof to avoid damaging the host or hindering the interference effect.

5. When using the jammer, please do not put the jammer in the box to improve the concealment of the product. It will affect the heat dissipation of the product, shorten the service life of the jammer or directly damage the host.

6. Install the jammer first, and then connect the power supply.

7. When using a signal jammer, choose a location where there are no large buildings or other interference signal products to ensure the efficiency and coverage of the product.

8. If you don’t use an industrial-grade signal jammer, you can’t let the product run for 24 hours, which will greatly reduce the life of the central system and power supply.

9. After the product has been used for a period of time, if you need to wipe it, please do not use chemicals and pay attention to waterproofing.

Therefore, if you want the signal jammer to protect our own security and privacy anytime, anywhere, for a long time, it should be well maintained, which can reduce the cost of product replacement and optimize the use of the product. , And what kind of person we can be. He can complete his work when needed.