Overheating of mobile phone jammer will cause performance degradation?

There is no universal cell phone jammer that can block all existing frequencies. The only device close to this product is what we usually call a bomb jammer. However, before dealing with such potentially dangerous equipment, there are several issues to consider.

First of all, not everyone can afford such a device because it is expensive.

Secondly, there are size issues because they can be a bit bulky, because you can’t hold them in your hands or hide them in your pockets. The smallest but most complete can be carried in a backpack, even if its tentacles exceed your size!

However, there is one thing that needs to be said aloud; unless you are a member of a government agency, there is definitely no need to interfere with all frequencies, which is understandable in this case.

Our recommendation is to make 100% sure that you know the frequency of interference, and then choose from the many products available in our catalog.

So let us continue to discuss the third point. Before buying, please make sure you know exactly the interference distance and range you want to cover. The output power of a mobile phone jammer is measured in wattage (W), so the more wattage, the greater the distance and range of travel.

Finally, although it does not seem as important as the first 2 points listed above, there is also the installation and heat dissipation of the mobile phone jammer device (cooling system). Depending on where the equipment is installed, you can make full use of it and make full use of it. In addition, the potential overheating of the signal jammer can cause performance degradation and damage its internal components. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you never underestimate the importance of the last factor.