Cell Phone Jammers Prevent Accidents

As long as you search the Internet with the keyword “cell phone jammer”, you will know that there are a large number of such cell phone signal jammer on the Internet, and with the widespread use of 4G cell phone signals, learn more details and learn how to get 4G cell phone jammers A reliable location is very important, but here you will have a chance to learn about the high-power desktop 4G cell phone jammer and see its details and other uses below.

First of all, you can look at the name of this 4G mobile phone jammer, and you will know that the full name is “5-antenna 12W high-power 4G mobile phone signal jammer”, and then you will know the details. This is a high power cell phone signal jammer with the ability to cut off CDMA GSM DCS PCS 4G signals. Depending on the signal strength, the shielding radius can be up to 40 meters, depending on the signal strength in a given area. In addition, this 4G mobile phone jammer has applied an omnidirectional antenna, and all TX frequencies only cover the link. It can work 24/7 thanks to good cooling system and AC adapter power supply.

Our cell phone signal is often interrupted, and it is said that cell phone signal jammers are installed in nearby companies! On the afternoon of January 24, Mr. Zhang from Ordinary Town, Jimo City called our hotline to report. In this regard, the manager of the enterprise who installed the cell phone jammer explained that since the company workshop is full of punch presses, they did this to prevent workers from answering calls and accidents, but their cell phone jammers were low-powered and would not affect others. The office of the Jimo Radio Management Committee stated that in accordance with relevant regulations, enterprises are not allowed to install mobile phone signal jammers.

On the afternoon of January 24, Mr. Zhang, who works in a company at the west end of Pudong Industrial Park in Jimo City, reported to reporters a strange incident he encountered. Mr. Zhang said that in the past month, his mobile phone often failed to work properly. Sometimes after the call is connected, he can clearly hear the other party’s voice, but the other party can’t hear his own voice.