Cell phone jammers prevent sensitive information from leaking

There are many reasons why people choose portable cell phone signal jammer. For example, employers can block employees’ cell phone signals so they don’t get in the way or get in the way of work during important meetings. Cell phone jammers can also block your phone from sending outgoing messages. Humans can use cell phone jammers as a security measure to prevent the leakage of sensitive information. It is also used for stop signals to prevent terrorist attacks.

Another reason people love cell phone jammers is that the message they get is a “service has been interrupted” rather than a “phone is off” message. This means that the caller cannot contact the owner of the phone. To understand the process, you need to know the signal on your phone. Cell phones send signals to nearby cell towers. Mobile phone towers share the workload by focusing on specific areas. During the journey, the phone will send a signal to each tower along the way. Cell phone jammers transmit radio frequencies to the same tower to cover phone signals. The signal from the cell phone collided with the signal from the interfering device, and the communication between the cell tower and the cell phone was cut off.

On March 15, the Changsha Radio Management Department contacted the municipal mobile communication operator, organized the municipal radio monitoring station to investigate its interference, and confirmed that the interference signal came from another nearby company. After verification, in order to prevent employees from playing and looking at mobile phones during work hours and affecting safe production, the company installed 12 mobile phone signal jammers in the workshop without permission, causing serious interference to surrounding radio communication signals. Law enforcement officials disclosed the laws and regulations of Zhu Mou, the head of the company, pointed out the seriousness of his actions, ordered him to immediately shut down and remove all cell phone signal jammers, and forcibly confiscated 12 cell phone signal jammers. At present, the case is being handled in accordance with relevant procedures.