Regulators need to increase regulation of cell phone jammers

We are well aware that there are many effective and most important professional VCRSs on the market. But as long as we are in such a vulnerable situation, there will be digital credit cards in the form of digital recorders, which we will continue to investigate and recommend to the best surveillance agencies in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the many interesting features listed below, the record card not only has the aesthetics of a given task, but also has the ability to initiate high-quality recordings. A well-known manufacturer reminded that there are many varieties and specifications of mobile cell phone signal jammer.

Applicants should determine their own requirements before purchasing, so as to prevent the actual shielding effect from causing safety accidents in the examination room, and at the same time pay attention to the accuracy of the operation method. First, I want to build an application site. Most of the cell phone jammers used in the test site are suitable for long-term work and are durable. Second, how big are we in the lockdown area? For example, for a house of 100 square meters or a site of more than 1,000 square meters, if the total area is large, the output power needs to be larger, and if the total area is small, the shielding output power needs to be adjusted. What other frequency bands must be blocked? Are China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and CDMA all blocked? Or only need to block part of the frequency band.

Both slimming watches and modified cheating headphones can penetrate the electronic shielding of the college entrance examination. If you spend about 20,000 yuan to avoid the metal detector, you can buy the answer made by the gunman on the spot, and ensure that the score reaches the ordinary undergraduate level. In the annual college entrance examination, there are always some people who are considering using improper wrestling methods to win their future destiny.

From electronically scanning candidates’ photos to installing electronic cellphone signal jammers, commonly known as “electronic dogs,” in various test rooms, regulators are working to increase their efforts to prevent cheating in exams. However, driven by high profits, professional liars have gradually upgraded their tactics. Several “high-tech” devices that can evade the detection of “electronic dogs” have also been quietly listed in Changchun. Reporters revealed through unannounced interviews. Open the cheating machine to avoid the secret of electronic mobile phone jammers, and further discover the black economic chain behind the college entrance examination.