Cell Phone Jammers anti cheating communication tool

In fact, there is basically no hope for mobile cell phone jammer to make mobile phones cheat, but cheaters can also use their own communication tools. Most of the cheating communication tools sold are of this type). The frequency band used by these illegal communication tools can be selected outside the frequency range of the mobile phone jammer, and often violates the frequency band dedicated to the walkie-talkie. For example, some candidates use built-in headphones to receive radio-transmitted exam answers. Sometimes the earphones are so small that they require magnets to suck them out, or a doctor’s help to get them out. Alternatively, electronic devices such as receiving modules are hidden in the temples.

If external interference is not considered, it is relatively easy to simply shield, as long as the shielding power is increased. However, it is necessary to ensure that the shielded area has no blind spots and leaks. The power intensity in the shielded area is relatively large. If there is a little leakage, it will cause great external interference. This requires that the shielding design should be fully considered and controlled technically to achieve accurate and efficient shielding without external interference. The cost must follow the shielding requirements and budget. You can’t blindly choose cheap products, and you can’t think that expensive products are good. In actual selection, word of mouth is very important. It is also necessary to inspect its past cases on the spot, try the shielding effect, and then make a selection.