Can cell phone jammers affect students’ exams?

There is a radio monitor that can help with electromagnetic signals in those frequency bands that cell phone jammer don’t care about. Before the start of the test, the signal strength generated by various legal radio wave devices such as mobile phones, radios, and televisions around the test room are recorded in the test room. All the signals in the entire radio wave band can be received when the cheating tool starts to send answers to the examination room, and there will be “an extra piece” of radio wave signal of unknown origin on the monitor, and the signal of the cheating tool is hard to escape. over sophisticated detector ears.

When the mobile phone signal jammer is working, if the transmission power is too large due to the improper setting, in a small-scale conference room, classroom and other confined spaces, the electromagnetic waves will be superimposed in the narrow space, and the electromagnetic waves will pass through the walls, ceilings, and floors that are originally separated from the outside. The secondary reflection will cause the personnel in the room to be exposed to more serious electromagnetic pollution. According to the survey, the college entrance examination and the senior high school entrance examination are the occasions where mobile phone signal jammers are used the most, and in some examination rooms that use mobile phone signal jammers, some parties (gaokao inspectors, candidates and teachers) are in a state of irritability and inability to concentrate. even headaches. There are various indications that if the transmission power of the mobile phone signal jammer is too large, it will seriously affect the normal thinking of candidates in the examination room.