Cell phone jammers prevent real-time monitoring

In addition, there are many or even a large number of mobile cell phone jammer that I use. Many people feel weird, why do I use a cell phone jammer? Why do people have to get these devices that are actually very expensive? But it is not difficult to understand that everyone has the right to protect their personal privacy, and now phone tracking It is very easy, and the information content of the mobile phone is inevitably leaked. Then, you must prepare special tools in advance to avoid such situations. If you’re in an area where you’re not supposed to be on the phone, like a movie theater, and someone near you keeps talking on a cell phone, wouldn’t you want to silence him with a cell phone jammer?

This year, Chengdu has adopted a variety of new measures to ensure the safety, reliability and fairness of the examination. First, all the 31 test centers and security units in the test area in our city have installed real-time monitoring video surveillance systems, and have realized the four-level networking of the Ministry of Education, the Municipal Recruitment Office, the test area, and the test center. The second is to upgrade new technology anti-cheating equipment. All test centers are equipped with smart phone signal jammers, cheaters, metal detectors, second-generation ID card identification devices and other cheating prevention instruments. The smartphone signal jammers are upgraded to the fifth-generation mobile communication (4G5G) signal shielding technology. The third is to improve the internal control management of the test venue. Strictly prevent students from bringing new technology cheating tools such as smartphones into the test site. During the test, the wireless network on the campus of the test site will be closed. The fourth is to improve the comprehensive improvement of the examination environment. During the test, the test site will be added to the security area and the restricted area where it is strictly prohibited to park unrelated vehicles; the Municipal Admissions Office will further increase the environmental inspection of the test site with the public security, wireless communication management and other departments.