Foreign laws prohibit the use of cell phone jammers

The mobile phone signal jammer is to better effectively avoid and affect the relevant data signals on the mobile phone, mainly using the campus test room, prison, detention center, etc., in order to ensure the fairness and reasonableness of the test, the junior high school, high school, this year’s college entrance examination or the usual test simulation . The function of the mobile phone signal blocker is to affect the sliding data signal of the communication base station, and then block the data signal. The principle of the cell phone jammer is to go to the high-end scanner at a certain rate in the whole process of working to the mid-low end rate of the wireless channel. The speed of the scanner can cause error code interference in the data signal of the message format received by the mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot detect all normal data information transmitted from the communication base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the communication base station. The purpose of the screen fraud data signal is mainly manifested on the mobile phone as searching for the network, poor signal, no service system status, etc.

In today’s society where communication is developed, many people are troubled by the untimely use of smartphones by those around them. In order to eliminate this trouble, a device that can block mobile phone signals by manually operating buttons is quietly selling abroad. While the cellphone jammer has been identified as an illegal device by the FCC, sales have multiplied in recent months. Smartphone jammers are not the latest technology, but high demand in foreign markets has made agents buying them frantically. This kind of equipment is only as big as a cigarette pack. Consumers only need to touch the button, and the equipment will send out radio electromagnetic interference signals, blocking the connection between all mobile phones and signal transmission towers within 6.3 meters to 9 meters around, and it will be interfered by the signal. of mobile phone customers will immediately see the words “No network available” on the screen. Foreign law, however, prohibits individuals from installing shielded signals, and imposes fines of up to $11,000 on first-time offenders.