Cell phone signal jammers to quit the bad habit of using cell phones in class

A simple example. At this stage, most colleges and universities have installed cell phone jammer. On the one hand, it is to better prevent students from looking at their mobile phones. When cheating with other electronic devices, it is very important for students to cultivate the habit of honesty and trustworthiness, which is very important to their daily life. Although there are many differences in the personal behavior of Internet technology using mobile phone signal jammers for colleges and universities, it does not stop such personal behaviors to colleges. Even if there is no reply from laws and regulations, colleges seem to allow you to use mobile phones by default. Institutions can use cell phone jammers to avoid fraud, but they cannot completely deal with student learning.

If you don’t bring textbooks in class, you must bring a smartphone, and every ten minutes or so, you will check Weibo and WeChat Moments. The “students” are having fun in the classroom, while ignoring the feelings of the tutors. During the class, in order to pull the students back from the mobile phone, the instructors have different tricks, some of them failed, and some temporarily prevailed. Yesterday, a high school teacher sighed that the smartphone has become an “invincible third party”. The current situation that students are addicted to looking at their mobile phones during class will undoubtedly lead to concerns for students’ parents and the entire society today. One of the worries is that, in a sense, all the knowledge that the students learned in high school was “bought” for the students with their hard-earned money. If the students don’t concentrate on their studies in one class, it is equivalent to throwing away a small “investment” of the mother and father. The second worry is that the students who are in school play smart and do not study at school, and they do not have any skills, and they will inevitably encounter difficulties in finding jobs when they graduate. Even if he “fights his father” into a company, he may not be able to move an inch in the workplace.