Cell phone signal jammers can deal with more complex environments

The signal shielding work in the examination room is a relatively complex engineering project. If you want to know what kind of mobile phone signal shielding solution is suitable for your own examination room, it is best to have a technical engineer conduct a survey on the spot and formulate a scientific and reasonable mobile phone signal in the college examination room. Blocker solution. Founded in 2012, we are a comprehensive new technology company integrating product research and development, manufacturing, marketing, technical consultation, and construction. The company mainly focuses on the development, production and manufacture of signal shielding and detection and positioning products. Here, the industry has successively developed and manufactured the MDPB series of mobile cell phone jammer in the examination room and the BQX series of network information security and information confidentiality machinery. Undoubtedly, some product lines are already widely used in systems, the military and their various exams.

The education section sent classroom teaching units across the country to ensure the safety of the 2022 college entrance examination. To better eliminate exams, many cautious students enter campus. The college entrance examination in 2022 is very different from the past. Apart from these two new laws, there are many ways to prevent and avoid fraud. Therefore, they are called “the world’s stricter college entrance examination”. Naturally, the actual effect must be checked against the practice situation. Criminals will be sentenced to seven years in prison for breaking the law in a national exam required by law. The latest version of the teaching strategy just started punishing test-takers this month. According to the law, there is a reasonable and legal possibility of obtaining answers in the test papers, and chemical substances harm the equipment, they can use, copy other people’s answers, let others take the test instead of them, or will be “banned” for 3 years. That is to say, in the case of serious college entrance examination scores, you will have to bear legal responsibility, or you will be subject to a three-year ban on testing. No matter which one does it, it is a fatal impact and the actual effect of the correction is not carefully planned, and Some students and parents want to use the college entrance examination is not a formal profit, they should be in awe, not against the rules, not against the rules, otherwise, they will encounter the most obvious punishment, and he dare not use his own methods and tricks.