Cell Phone Jammers Prevent Communication Cheating

The 2022 college entrance examination is coming. During the college entrance examination every year, various test rooms will use mobile phone signal jammers to prevent students from cheating on their mobile phones. In 2022, with the application field and popularization of 5g technology, mobile cell phone jammer are also facing the upgrade of the shielding category. In order to better save cost budgets, college examination rooms can apply signal jammers with more comprehensive shielding frequency bands, wider ranges and more stable actual effects. China Mingdat held the 15th exam purchase season. Now that it is the exam season, colleges and universities are gradually stepping up their planning for the exam. Whether it is the assignments in the test room or the discipline of the test room, the colleges are confused. The biggest headache for colleges is to avoid students’ personal behavior of cheating based on innovative technological methods such as mobile Internet access and mobile Bluetooth. In order to ensure that students have a good natural environment for examinations, prevent cheating by using contemporary communication tools, and do a good job of signal shielding in the examination room, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably shield mobile phone signals in college examination rooms.

Fairness and justice are just the key rules of social development, and there are many examinations in the life path, ranging from elementary school to junior high school, junior high school to high school, college entrance examination, civil servant recruitment and other national-level examinations, and in order to avoid students cheating, in In all kinds of large, medium and small examinations, mobile phone signal blockers and other methods must be used to block the information in the examination room, so that the mobile phone cannot be communicated. Online demand, then it can also be a good way to guard against student cheating. In some areas that require strict control, such as national defense centers, prison cells, detention centers, etc., the level of information confidentiality is very high, and it is reasonable to carry out strict supervision on mobile phones. It can greatly prevent the possibility of leaks. In addition to the applicable occasions of the three types of cell phone signal jammers described above, other areas such as gas stations, petrochemical plants, hospital outpatient clinics, etc. where phone calls are strictly prohibited, installing a cell phone signal jammer, the effect is also very ideal.