Cell phone signal jammers will not disturb the normal life of others

Nowadays, with the gradual development of science and technology, mobile phones and other telecommunications mobile devices are also developing rapidly. Now almost everyone has a mobile phone of their own. Mobile phones are convenient for people. Phone calls, playing games, listening to songs, sending text messages, chatting, etc. But this will also cause many problems. At this time, when we do these things, some people do not consider the feelings of the people around us, and when we play games, listen to songs and other behaviors, we do not consider whether others are resting and disturbing the normality of others. Life. We must have our own ideas and morals. If not, I think a cell phone blocker must be installed, which can effectively prevent this kind of misbehavior.

In order to achieve the best shielding effect in the examination room and no network can be missed, it is necessary to ensure that the evaluation rate of the mobile cell phone jammer in the examination room is higher than that of the signal source in the area, especially the new 4G5G base station. The newly developed 8341-5G-12 mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room can effectively shield 5g signals, and its 5G RF amplifier chip YP352833 operating frequency can reach 2W at 3.5G. The area where the jammer is used must be less than 100 meters away from the base station, so use should pay attention to this. In recent years, new network technologies have gradually developed. As a newly launched network standard in recent years, 5g has begun to use new wireless point frequencies. Old-fashioned signal jammers do not support new 5g signal shielding. At present, only our country has the fastest 5g network construction in the world, and new base stations are born every day. If the mobile phone signal blocker is installed in the examination room, the mobile phone may still have a signal. It may be the invigilator who ignores the 5g network has become popular, and forgets to replace it with the latest 5g. Signal jammers cause this to happen.