Mobile phone jammers are information security protection equipment

Cell phone jammer is a general term for all audio signal equipment. If the subdivision of cell phone jammer can be distinguished, it is also called GSM jammer according to the type of shielded signal that affects the GSM signal, because it is difficult to affect the characteristic signal, so it is a Separately, on many websites, we can see that most of their classified mobile phone jammers have been replaced, the shielding has also become a 3g signal jammer for 3g, and a 4g cell phone jammer that blocks 4g signals. At this stage, the above signal types are mainly applicable to all parts of the world and regions. For this kind of signal, they are almost practical. The 5a signal has been carried out scientific research on telecommunication network all over the world, and now it has been fruitful but not yet popularized. It is believed that recitation will occupy most of the market share in the future. At present, shielded goods are called mobile phones in the sales market; affecting mobile phone signals, mobile phones, shielding, shielding, shielding, mobile phone repair instruments, in fact, these are the same goods with unique functions, that is; it is an independent electronic Products, most machines and equipment can act on GSM, DCS, CDMA, PHS and even 3G, 4G, we still think: 4G mobile phone jammer is a point shielding work, can not be called maintenance system software, can be called maintenance system software, is A group of shielding work can control the concentrated energy uniformly according to the centralized control method.

Now that the high school entrance examination is approaching, many schools are already purchasing invigilation equipment, including hand-held mobile phone signal jammers (also known as portable mobile phone jammers/blockers/suppressors/truncators/isolators/conference information security machines) , The hand-held mobile phone signal blocker in the examination room is a new type of mobile phone signal shielding equipment newly developed by our factory, which can well solve the information security protection problems in special occasions at home and abroad. For example: high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, school, dormitory and other places, we have developed a signal shielding product according to the communication evaluation rate at home and abroad. Its working radius is 10-50 meters and can block GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3G, 4G, 5G, cell phone signal and WIFI signal. It can make the mobile phone in the area unable to receive calls and make calls, but it will not affect the normal work of other electronic equipment. If the phone leaves the blocking range, you can immediately reply to the communication.