Desktop mobile phone jammers can be shielded in a wide range

With the improvement of people’s living standards, middle school students usually have their own mobile phones or other electronic devices, which brings great inconvenience to the school management system. Students stay up late, use mobile phone text messages, online and so on. In broad daylight, the students are sluggish in teaching, and most of them are bowing their heads to sleep. Mobile apps are rampant in classes these days, and students now feel they have a right to use them in class. They did not ask for a sign, and because they had already sent messages, listened to music or watched videos or videos on their phones, they had to sign up multiple times, and some students even connected or made calls in class. There is no reason to use cell phones in class. In the event of an emergency, students can use all phones on campus. 99% of the time at school is spent in class sending cell phone messages to friends, taking pictures, surfing the Internet, and passing the time in teacher lectures based on social media. In schools, turn on the power switch of cell phone jammer and encourage students to pay a lot of attention to cultural education in the classroom. One day, in college, they won’t be controlled by their teachers. They can open the phone again. They will give them whatever service they want. The actual operation of the cell phone jammer is very simple, there is only one on and off power switch.

In order to achieve the desired shielding effect, the mobile phone signal blocker used in the examination room in our life needs to fully understand the shielding frequency band. Whether it is 2G, 3G, 4G and the latest popular 5G mobile phone, it needs to be able to complete the shielding, and it also needs to be able to Shielding wifi signals, walkie-talkies, bluetooth headsets and other communication equipment is the only way to effectively ensure the fairness and impartiality of test takers in the examination room, and will not cheat because of various high-tech equipment. The other is the working distance of the mobile phone signal jammer. A standardized test site is generally about 60-80 square meters, so when each classroom is installed with a mobile phone signal jammer in the test room, it can completely cover the entire classroom, and can shield all corners. If some corners are not covered, it is very likely that candidates will use system vulnerabilities to cheat. Then there is the reliability of the actual effect of the shielding. Because whether it is a junior high school, high school or college entrance examination, the time period for a test is not short, and there are 2 exams to be carried out a day. If the actual effect of the ordered signal shielding device is not stable, it is There is a period of time in the middle when the data signal cannot be reasonably shielded, and it is very easy for candidates to use this time gap to carry out personal behaviors of cheating, which will make the work of preventing high-tech cheating fall short.