Places where jamming equipment has to be used

The Vatican security service has installed a device to block Internet and cell phone signals for the new Pope’s election in Rome. The cell phone jammer device will stop the cardinals and staff, including the Vatican service staff, from installing the microphone to get information. According to the TV station, anyone who violates the ban will be excommunicated from the church.

Jamming cell phone signals during class will undoubtedly bring good effect to teachers, students and classroom order. However, the school should make public the screening period, so that teachers and students can give a warning to friends and relatives in advance, so as to avoid other adverse consequences due to lack of contact in the event of emergency. Schools may also consider other ways of providing emergency access to teachers and students during the screening period for emergencies.

In Russia a lot of the examination room of the university, students through the way of receiving SMS illegally obtaining answers, or simply by taking textbook will answer his accomplices in the examination room the right hand side via their mobile phones to read to them. University teachers in Russia say the practice of simply telling students to turn off their phones or to frisk them before they enter the exam has not worked. As such problems become more serious, some of Russia’s higher education institutions have had to turn to the high-tech equipment developed by the elite of the country’s big military companies.

Jamming technology can achieve better results than conventional methods

The recent reports out of Syria highlight the inclusion of these in an evolving battlespace. One of the simplest threats to drones is the blocking or scrambling its reception of a signal from a GPS satellite. This “GPS signal jammer” can produce serious operational impact on military mission and will likely become more and more prevalent. According to a piece by NBC, Russians are using GPS jamming against the U.S. military’s smaller surveillance aircraft.

The Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, known as JIEDDO, funded the NERO project. The Project Manager for the Army’s Unmanned Aerial System program collaborated with Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, Indiana, Raytheon and General Atomics to design and execute proper modifications to accommodate the jammer, and to operate the Gray Eagle aircraft.

The U.S. military commissioned commercial satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe to point out the deployment to reporters with the Journal. “China has deployed military jamming equipment to its Spratly Island outposts,” one Pentagon official told the reporters.