How does the jamming technique work and how is it tested

On the working principle of the equipment, there are such professional description: “the operation principle of the mobile phone is in a certain frequency range, mobile phone and base station connected by radio waves, in a certain way of baud rate and modulation complete data and voice transmission. For this communication principle, the cell phone mask is at a certain speed to the low end of the channel to the high-end scan. The speed of the scan can be used to signal interference in the receiver’s message, so the phone can’t detect the normal data from the base station, and it can’t establish a connection with the base station.

Russian forces are actively trying to jam U.S. military drones flying over Syria, disrupting flight operations by interfering with the signal broadcast by the worldwide Global Positioning System (GPS). The signal jammer is “seriously affecting” U.S. drone operations, but it’s not yet clear how serious the Russian meddling really is.

According to the report, the jamming equipment was developed by the Russian military and is sophisticated enough to affect even navigation equipment with anti-jam technology and good enough to affect encrypted communications, though encryption only makes it hard to get into the drone’s control systems or sensor output. The Department of Defense declined to comment on whether any drones had crashed as a result of the jamming.

Jamming technology is becoming an important means of modern warfare

Russian use of jamming in situations short of all-out war would reduce their effectiveness during an actual war, as U.S. and Allied forces study the signals and figure out ways to overcome them and field improved, jam-resistant system. The U.S. Army is already looking to field weapons that don’t rely on GPS to achieve pinpoint accuracy.

Today, smartphones have long been a staple of personal life, and in the student party, there are a number of mobile phone users. How to manage the balance between students’ use of mobile phones, learning and entertainment… It seems to have been a difficult problem for parents and schools.

An official of the ministry of education of Massachusetts has proposed funded by the government in the student dormitory installed cell phone jammer device, to avoid students at night after lights out by text chat, get to the Internet to affect the second day of learning.