Jamming technology is becoming more and more important

The Russian military is currently buying signal jammer devices and plans to install them on cell towers. The idea is simple: the kremlin can start these jammers during the conflict and pray that the jammers will reduce the precision of the onslaught of American missiles.

Russia’s installation of jammers on mobile-phone towers is an unconventional move, but its logic is justified militarily. As things stand, the U.S. has a big advantage in cruise missiles, drones and GPS systems. American-made cruise missiles, such as tomahawk cruise missiles, have electronic devices designed specifically to combat jammer. Raytheon Company, the manufacturer, noted that an anti-jamming GPS receiver called AGR could “achieve continuous satellite tracking in the presence of high levels of hostile interference”.

Why jammers are needed

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern communication technology, the use of high-tech cheating in examination room means emerge in endlessly, the university entrance exam cheating tools by the initial pager, mobile phone, and then the handset and then to today’s digital products, appearance is for the ruler, rubber, glasses boxes, stationery bags, watches, cheating tools such as mineral water bottles, exams have emerged in various countries. In order to prevent cheating, the authorities have effectively prevented and discouraged cheating in the examination room by using mobile phone block apparatus, metal detector, wireless cell phone jammer and warning suppression equipment.

Among the five violations, “lateness, truancy, mobile phones, eating and sleeping” were the worst offenders. Since the price of mobile phones is not low, it will be returned to students after the confiscation and criticism of education, so the supervision cannot be effectively played.

How can we prevent students from playing mobile phones in class? A device called “little teacher-signal jamming device” by students at the school of information engineering was born. It is made by students of the institute of information engineering’s electronics association, which blocks mobile phone signals in a classroom without affecting the normal use of mobile phones by people outside the classroom.