WiFi is becoming the primary medium for hacking

In recent years, however, media reports repeatedly user account theft case caused by use public WiFi, the public has had the enormous fears for the safety of the public WiFi: whether to use public WiFi networking can lead to personal information disclosure, and even damage to property?

How did your personal information leak out? Maybe you drink coffee, use free wi-fi, and then personal information is stolen. In recent years, free public 4G jammer has become a hidden danger for citizens to divulge personal information and affect network security. Therefore, wifi management in public places has been brought into focus.

The headmaster of the school Fred – Mr Gilbert tells us: “the board is concerned about the effect of electromagnetic wave to human body health”, and said that as long as one day, his administration will not change the decision. The school’s office said that although it was the headmaster’s “personal opinion”, they were unable to change their decision.

Use jammers to counter the negative effects of WiFi

The new mayor of Turin, Appendino, is a member of the five star movement party, which values environmental protection and health. Last week, he said he wanted children to know the benefits of being a vegetarian from a young age, and he grew up eating vegetarian food to reduce the environmental pollution of livestock.

In the policy address, Appendino added that electromagnetic is also a kind of pollution, so there will be no WiFi in public, primary and government offices in the city in the future. But the city will ensure that the city has high-speed broadband access.

Of course, no matter how hard it is to ban WIFI, students may object. However, if you build a Faraday cage or use a signal jammer, the response may be less intense. A Faraday cage can be established in the classroom and in the teaching area, or in accordance with the interference device, so as not to affect the student’s use of WIFI.