The signal jammer is an effective means to ensure the order of the examination room

For many of the school, every year the university entrance exam is coming, to be prepared for the university entrance exam to make, whether the classroom setting and arrangement, or personnel in place, and how to stabilise the examination room order, make school more headaches, however, now of “black” of science and technology means of cheating, because the principle of the “black” of science and technology and means are different, so the school is often difficult to deal with.

Now, a device called a test cell phone jammer has been introduced in schools to protect against any form of electronic signal cheating.

So what is the principle of the test signal shield? Why is it that “black technology” with different principles and methods can be treated equally and solved? We see first the principle of “black” of science and technology, for whatever their means and ways, all can’t avoid to send and receive signals in the examination room, however the test signal shielding device is directly from the electronic signal level cut off their connection, no matter how much they means such down nature of concealment, can avoid all the failure, so now this kind of machine equipment has become the major venue to be bestowed favor on newly, has attracted much attention.