Can I rent a cell phone jammer

In order to prevent cheating, the use of cell phone jammer, also known as wireless signal blockers, in various examination rooms has increased in recent years.

For colleges and high schools, with more exams and more use of the shield, it is generally more cost-effective to buy a batch for long-term use. Some schools will also arrange wiring installation projects, in every examination room or classroom installed a mobile phone shield, can be unified on and off the machine, more convenient to use.

Of course, there are also some units less frequent use, in consideration of the budget issues, will choose to rent the shield. Especially the recruitment of a few units, for example, the bank, tobacco bureau and other recruitment examination, the need to decorate the signal shield in the examination room. Because be only temporarily use, a year probably also is two, general this kind of unit can choose to rent a shield. Actually this kind of unit is not bad money, basically still disliking to buy trouble, still have to recycle after using good outfit to put storehouse, be not to occupy a place? If rent, need when supplier delivers shield implement, used up supplier to pull away, how simple convenient? And it’s cheap to rent!

Of course, there are a lot of schools will use the way of renting shield, small make up also to this kind of customer service many times, after all, more affordable. As long as it is used with care and not affect the subsequent secondary sales of the product, the shield supplier is willing to provide rental services.