Signal jammers make cheating impossible

As the 2019 national college entrance examination approaches, a large number of post-00s students will enter the exam halls. Construction site shutdown, car ban, road restrictions, traffic police road, millions of families ready to go…… For this “national college entrance examination”, the education department naturally ready.

So, what is the latest situation of guangdong examination room? What did each district safeguard the work of the college entrance exam? What are the emergency measures? What matters should the examinee pay attention to? Learn to take an examination of younger sister to understand below.

In 2019, the number of students taking the general college entrance examination in guangdong province reached 768,000, an increase of 10,000 over last year, while 685,000 students took the exam on June 7 and 8, an increase of 2,000 over last year. This year, guangdong will set up 470 test centers in 21 cities and prefectures, with 23,800 examination rooms.

In order to ensure the safe and stable progress of the college entrance examination (including the general high school academic level examination), each examination site is equipped with a cell phone jammer, basically ensuring the complete coverage of the monitoring without dead Angle.

On May 28, the joint conference of guangzhou college entrance examination bureau went to the test site of guangzhou foreign language school (hereinafter referred to as “guangzhou foreign language school”). At the same time, the system automatically dials the phone to the person in charge, and the public security department and the recruitment department can check the situation of the confidential room through the hd camera in real time, so as to ensure the security of the examination paper.