4G phone cheating can be prevented in judicial examination

According to introducing, face increasingly “progress” wireless communication equipment cheats means, bureau of justice of Beijing according to “civil air defense” and “technical prevention” photograph is united in wedlock, with “civil air defense” the working principle that gives priority to, equipped to each examination place newest technical equipment — detector of wireless headphone and full function cheats cell phone jammer.

The shield used this year can effectively block all communication signals including 3G signals, intercom signals, radio pinhole camera signals and so on. Shield also has a positioning function, can be used to locate the specific location of cheating equipment.

In addition, the municipal bureau of justice will Beijing registration work, examination headquarters address, person in charge and contact telephone, as well as the name of the city’s test center, address and the number of examinee personnel, reported to the radio administration and the municipal public security bureau. During the examination period, the municipal radio administration will assign special personnel to be on duty, and relevant technical personnel and relevant fixed monitoring stations (vehicles) will be on standby. All monitoring equipment of the internal fixed monitoring station (vehicle) of the fifth ring shall be opened to monitor signals suspected of cheating with radio communication equipment or colluding with radio communication equipment outside the examination room, and technical means shall be taken to block them when necessary. The city public security bureau also sent special personnel on duty, command and mobilize the relevant sub-bureaus or police stations in a timely manner. If the municipal radio management bureau has confirmed and verified the case, and violates the public security management regulations or is suspected of committing a crime, the public security organ shall investigate and punish the case according to law.